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Daisy and Mr Cupcake

Posted by Dogtired on

Sweet loving Daisy of Nevertoosweet, lover of desserts and Melbourne based food blogger caught up with Dogtired to talk about her “fur baby” Mr Cupcake.

We met at the sweetest studio in Melbourne Burch & Purchese for some delicious cakes and Mr Cupcake was a hit with everyone that passed us by…

Tell us about Cupcake?
Cupcake is one years old and is a pure bred Toy Poodle. A year ago, my partner and I decided it was time for us to take the next step and get a little puppy; I've always adored poodles so started doing some research. It was then I realised poodle’s come in so many different colours and sizes! My partner (Ricky) really wanted a miniature (middle size), however, at that time there were no puppies available. I came across our breeder Toniri Silver poodles and found out for the first time; poodles also came in a gorgeous silver colour! We spoke on the phone and organised a time for us to meet Cupcake and it was pretty much love at first sight! The rest is history! I can't imagine a day without Cupcake anymore!

What is a typical day for Cupcake?
He has a pretty relaxed life! We will take him out for a walk just before we go to work, then he'll go home for breakfast and then an afternoon nap. When we come home from work, it's either a walk or a trip to the dog park, which he loves. Being a food blogger, I also go around different places and as long as they have outdoor seating Cupcake will come with us, very spoilt!

Describe Cupcake in 5 words:
Quiet, Naughty, Fluffy, Placid, Photogenic

Do you dress Cupcake up?
I definitely dress Cupcake in all different types of outfits; I swear he has more outfits than me! One of my favourite is his outfit is his little tuxedo he looks very cute if I can say so myself :)

If Cupcake were a celebrity who would he be?
That's a tough question to answer! Let me think... I think if Cupcake was a celebrity he would be Jim Carrey, he's always funny and bringing people around him a lot of laughter! The mischief he gets up to is just amazing!

What are Cupcake’s treats of choice?
Cupcake isn't picky with treats haha he will eat anything and everything you give him except for vegetables! His favourite will have to be those Rawhide bones; he will take one bone and chew on it for days! I often find them hidden under his bed or even my bed! Another favourite is dried beef liver and we often use that when training him :) 

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